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Recently joined up and really looking forward to some river sessions and planning my first outing to Barming Bridge any tips greatly appreciated
Welcome to the club Matt. As you can see by my username, the Medway is by home!
If you're after a days fishing, all our river sections provide good sport but can be moody during prolonged dry spells when the flow becomes minimal and the colour drops out.
The variety on the river is what I like and nothing more than the huge Perch that can be caught down there. Worm is obviously a great hook bait for them and they patrol the weed line along most sections. Chub will be under trees and bushes on the far bank in general and Bream can be found in various places if you prebait and look for them. Roach are everywhere and in good numbers, hemp and tare will keep the Bleak at bay when targeting them. Pike are also there in numbers, Autumn and winter being the best seasons for targeting them.

Tight lines!
Hi Mick

Thanks for the tips! all sounds good. Itching to get down there once the extreme heat subsides