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Full Version: On line renewal
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Hi filled in the on line form complete with photo, membership number and licence number. but could not find any where to pay sub's. nor could i find a send button just a button that said OK. 
I don't know if my form went through or not. I messaged the secretary twice in the last two weeks to see if he could put me in touch with the person who deal with membership. but have had no response ( must be  too busy ?) can any only help

Best regards 
Terry Martin
Hi Terry, we have received no membership orders from you so it's obviously not been completed.

Our only online payment method is PayPal. If you don't have an account and would rather not set one up, maybe a friend or relative could assist by allowing you to use their account? I appreciate that is easier said than done but the postal service is currently very slow and taking 3-4 weeks to turn around.

The clubs email address is
Hi Mick, Thanks for that. so i guess i'll have to fill the form in again. I have a Paypal account but have never used it. I'll give it a try

That is now on the system Terry and being processed.