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Inter-Club v Linton - 1st October 2017
26 anglers competed in our return match versus Linton A C on a mild blustery and drizzly day on the Medway at Barming.
The river now has a bit of colour and recent reports have indicated fishing was back on track.
The weather conditions certainly had a big effect on bait presentation and many anglers reported they doubled their weight in the last hour or so when the wind dropped. (I mean of fish, they weren't sitting there eating pies) 
Jeff Davis won the day fairly comfortably from peg 2 with a waggler caught mixed bag weighing 8lb 4oz. There was a tie for second with Mick Roberts and Tony Bourne both putting 5lb 13oz on the scales from pegs 18 and 24 respectively.

A big thanks to Brett Potter who came down and helped weigh in.

Full Result: (26 in pools) MVAS in BOLD

MVAS average 3lb 7oz Linton average 2lb 1oz.

Jeff Davis 8lb 4oz Peg 2. £35
Mick Roberts 5lb 13oz peg 18. £27.50 (shared £30 and £25 with Tony)
Tony Bourne 5lb 13oz peg 24. £27.50
Steve Giles 4lb 9oz peg 38. £10 Section D winner
Colin McKinnon 4lb 8oz peg 11. £10 section A winner
Guy Usmar 4lb 7oz peg 8.
Ray Bryce 3lb 15oz peg 3.
Vinny Felton 3lb 11oz peg 31. £10 section C winner
Jeff Saunders 3lb 11oz peg 34.
Graham Mitchell 3lb 6oz peg 43. 
Paul Blackman 3lb 4oz peg 17. £10 section B winner
Graham Parkin 3lb 2oz peg 41.
Jess Willard 3lb 0oz peg 30.
Ray Thorrowgood 2lb 8oz peg 6.
Mike Rose 2lb 5oz peg 42.
Nick Mummery 2lb 4oz peg 14.
Alex Young 2lb 2oz peg 23.
Barry Andrews 2lb 1oz peg 15.
Lou Buels 1lb 14oz peg 22.
Bryony Baker 1lb 11oz peg 16.
Mark Evans 1lb 11oz peg 21.
Alan Denyer 1lb 7oz peg 12.
Kev Rogers 11oz peg 13.
Jim Noyce 8oz peg 32.
Ralph Cheeseman 7oz peg 36.
Andrew Longworthy 4oz peg 1

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