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River Medway Wednesday Open Result - 4th October 2017
21 anglers showed up for the final Wednesday open match on a mild and breezy river Medway at Barming.
With 11 anglers spread over the downstream pegs and 10 occupying pegs 21 - 44 it was intended to give everyone a bit of room and a days fishing.
The river, as ever, had other ideas, with many struggling to find methods to tempt the fish in water badly needing some colour before Sundays Riverfest Qualifier.
Mick Roberts drew peg 17 AKA Kens Peg for the second open in a row and after only weighing in 1lb from it last time out, attacked with worm at 8 meters to finish with 7lb 1oz including a nice brace that probably accounted for half of that weight.
On the upstream end peg 44, Dave Roberts (Kent) fished the waggler to tempt 5lb 5oz of Roach. Paul Hamlyn completed the podium from the next peg down with a net of small Roach.
Section winners were Fred Brown, Peter Dent, Stewart Cottingham and Peter Blake.


Top 6 weights: Medway Open, Barming up and down. 21 fished.

Peg 17 Mick Roberts (Maidstone Victory) 7lb 1oz Perch on worm at 8 mtrs.
Peg 44 Dave Roberts (Maidstone Victory) 5lb 5oz
Peg 43 Paul Hanlyn (Preston Innovation DELCAC) 5lb 1oz
Peg 8 Fred Brown (Browning South East) 5lb 0oz
Peg 10 Paul Udell (Preston Innovation DELCAC) 4lb 14oz
Peg 30 Stewart Cottingham (Maver Cardinals) 4lb 12oz

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