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Riverfest 2017 Qualifier Result - River Medway 8th Oct 2017
With the river desperate for some rain to improve the colour and flow, this was always going to be tough for the competitors, especially those on the lower pegs.

Indeed, the top 6 weights came from the top eight pegs, meanwhile Zone 1 below the bridge was won with just 1lb 4oz and Zone 2 with Peter Dents 3lb 8oz of Perch. Peter is our first angler to qualify for the final of this prestigious event.
Congratulations to the three qualifiers and good luck in the final.

Gary Fuller 7lb 4oz peg 63, Roach and Chub, pole at 13 meters and waggler with maggot
Steve Palmer 5lb 9oz (Maver Cardinals) peg 55
Tony Marshall 5lb 5oz peg 59
Michael Nowicki 5lb 2oz peg 64
Dean Luker 4lb 14oz peg 58
Jeff Saunders 4lb 8oz peg 62

Section winners: (MVAS in BOLD)
A: Mick Roberts
B: John Laraman
C: Paul Udell and Steve Colwell (and Zone 1 winner)
D: Pete Goodman
E: Mick Hayman
F: Peter Dent (and Zone 2 winner)
G: Mick Fuller
H: Dean Luker
I: Mick Nowicki


Zone 1: Steve Colwell
Zone 2: Peter Dent
Zone 3: Gary Fuller

Full Result: 
.xlsx   Riverfest 2017 result.xlsx (Size: 11.42 KB / Downloads: 26)

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