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Rescheduled river Beult float only- held at Barming
River Beult rescheduled float only match results- Held at Barming due to the Beult remaining unfishable. 
Sunday 3rd December.

12 anglers braved this rescheduled match on the Medway at Barming with the original venue on the beult still full of Duckweed. With the river cold and clear the decision was taken to make the match a rover so the anglers could spread out and choose a peg they felt gave them the best chance of getting a bite or two. As it was just four anglers managed a fish although Mick 'tips back' Wright decided not to weigh in his solitary roach that would have given him fourth place. 
Paul Humphrey decided to take a long walk upstream to peg 71 where he was rewarded with two chub for 5lb 3ozs for an easy win.
Mike Rose also headed up stream and found 2 smaller chub for 2lb 15ozs from peg 50. 
Mick Roberts was the only angler to catch below Mike Rose 4 chublets for 14ozs being easily enough for third. 

Apologies for the delay in posting the results, as some are aware I've had some serious personal family issues going on which have taken my time up since the match was held. 

Full results
(12 in pools) 

1st Paul Humphrey 5lb 3ozs (12) £30
2nd Michael Rose 2lb 15ozs (11) £20
3rd Mick Roberts 14ozs (10) £10

Graham Parkin, Ray Fisher, Anthony Gomme, Peter Blake, Bryony Baker, Ray Thorrowgood, Mick Wright, Guy Usmar and Kevin Rogers.

League table
(Best 5 from 6)

M.Roberts 48 (8,8,10,12,10)
P.Humphrey 35 (9,6,8,X,12)
M.Rose 31 (0,0,12,8,11)
M.Cook 24.5 (7,7,7,3.5,X)
M.Brett 24 (0,12,3,9,X)
T.Froud 23 (12,11,X.X,X)
G.Parkin 22.5 (3,0,9,10.5,0)
G.Mitchell 20 (X,9,11,X,X)
P.Willard 15 (0,10,5,X,X)
G.Usmar 14.5 (0,4,X,10.5,0)
T.Jarvis 11 (11,X,X,X,X)
B.Baker 10 (10,0,0,0,0)
B.Potter 9 (6,3,X,0,X)
R.Thorrowgood 8 (0,0,6,2,0)
T. Bourne 7 (X,X,X,7,X)
M. Hayman 6 (X,X,X,6,X)
J.Overton 5 (5,X,X,X,X)
I.Davis 5 (X,5,X,X,X)
K.Dacey 5 (0,X,X,5,X)
P.Andrews 4 (4,X,X,X,X)
M.Wright 4 (2,1,1,0,0)
J.Randall 4 (0,X,4,0,X)
L.Buels 3.5 (0,0,X,3.5,X)
A.Davis 2 (0,0,2,X,X)
R.Fisher 2 (0,2,X,0,0)
J.Saunders 1 (1,0,X,X,X)
S.Giles 1 (0,X,X,1,X)
K.Rogers 0 (0,0,0,0,0)
P.Blake 0 (X,0,0,0,0)
B.Turner 0 (X,0,X,X,X)
A.Young 0 (X,0,X,X,X)
N.Mummery 0 (X,0,X,X,X)
T.Holloway 0 (0,X,X,X,X)
S.Dampier 0 (0,X,X,X,X)
T.Willamot 0 (0,X,X,X,X)
S.Hunt 0 (X,X,0,X,X)
M. Evans 0 (X,X,X,0,X)
S.Wilson 0 (X,X,0,X,X)
M.Cove 0 (X,X,0,X,X)
R. Fisher 0 (X,X,X,0,0)
R.Judge 0 (X,X,0,X,X)

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