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Aldington Club Match Result - 15th April 2018
23 anglers fished the opening match of this years club championship at a dull overcast Aldington Lake.
It was a day for those big Bream to dominate with smaller silverfish being hard to find in numbers.
Mike Rose and Jess Willard sat side by side in front of the known Bream hole on the right of the deeper part of the lake. Mike edged the match by one Bream after taking an early lead.
Both anglers caught on feeder and pole. Trevor Froud completed the podium from the peg directly opposite them with three Bream and some bits.


Full Result: (23 in pools)

Mike Rose 50lb 8oz (20 points) £30
Jess Willard 47lb 6oz (19) £25
Trevor Froud 16lb 12oz (18) £20
Lou Buels 6lb 15oz (17) £10 section A winner
Dean Luker 5lb 2oz (16) £10 section B winner
Kev Rogers 5lb 0oz (15) £10 section C winner
Graham Mitchell 4lb 2oz (14) £10 section D winner
Mick Hayman 3lb 15oz (13) 
Nick Mummery 3lb 4oz (12)
Mick Wright 3lb 0oz (11)
Graham Parkin 2lb 14oz (10)
Bryony Baker 2lb 9oz (9)
Terry Jarvis 2lb 8oz (8)
Guy Usmar 2lb 6oz (7)
Jim Randell 2lb 5oz (6)
Mick Roberts 2lb 4oz (5)
Bob Turner 1lb 12oz (4)
Tony Bourne 1lb 11oz (3)
Paul Humphrey 1lb 1lb 8oz (2)
Martin Cook 6oz (1)
Brett Potter DNW
Tony Willimot DNW
Gary Frew DNW

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