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Bowens Farm - Penshurst. Available with immediate effect.

We have opened up ten swims at Bowens Farm so that our members are able to fish this small lake. It is part of our lease of The Eden and the Leigh Barrier so no extra cost has been incurred. Thanks to Trevor Froud, Matt Bowden and Trevor’s mate Nick Delahaye for your help.
Local member Martin Cook has reported that it has previously had a good head of Chub to 5lb that find their way in when the stream spills... over. On his trial fish during the week he caught Roach, Rudd and Perch every cast using maggot hookbait. Much larger fish were disturbed though (we found this the case today as well) so we expect a few surprises when people start to fish it.

The only current rule we are imposing is one rod only due to the size of the water.

Directions: Bowens Farm, Poundsbridge Lane, Penshurst, Tonbridge TN11 8AJ


When you enter the farm go straight ahead until the green doors in front of you. Then turn right through the yard and continue down beyond the farm buildings and park on the right before the bridge.
During the summer months you will may be able to park at the lakeside. Distance from Car park to lakeside is about 50 meters.

Feedback on the venue, especially catch reports welcomed.

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