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Over night at Mote Park
Hello everyone, I have just become a member, I cant wait to fish the waters. Quick question.... What is it like over night at Mote Park? I've heard some stories that it's not very safe. I'm not a small lad but don't want to be approached by unsavouries and have my gear stolen..
Hi Rob and welcome to the club. There are many stories about Mote Park, but to our knowledge no angler has had tackle stolen or been assaulted.
The have been instances of poaching and we have just appointed a couple of new bailiffs who spend a lot of nights over there.

Aldington is a lot less public but likely to flood at this time of year. Bailiffs do update water situations on our closed facebook page which you are welcome to join by request.

You membership will be posted 1st class tomorrow.
Hello Mick, thanks for the update. I can see me becoming a fixture of the place if I have my way.. Lol

Can't wait to sling a lead about down there and find the lay of the place, but of course all the info any members would like to share will be great fully received.

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