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hello other members, my name is terry martin and i joined the club about three months ago. I have been a fisherman since age ten I was away in the services for a long time. I didn't start again until about five years ago, what a surprise I got. Everything had changed.
Any way I have fished barming above and below six times in total and blanked four times ! Im going again tomorrow, ( I'm not giving up )
 Can any one tell me the best pegs where i may catch Chub and Bream. I was going to fish to fish the river eden. so i went on a reccey on saturday. what a disappointment firstly no stile ? just a new metal gate and a notice that says no public admittance or some thing like that.
Then there was what looked a new barbed wire fence stopping any one from getting down to the river for about fifth yards. I walked all of our section and about ninety percent was unfishable. it needs lots of work ? Thats enough of that Ilook forward to meeting you on the bank

Hi Terry, welcome to the club and thanks for your bio. I'm pretty sure you weren't at the right place on The Eden as Martin Cook has been doing a lot of work there recently and, to my knowledge, the style is still there (soon to be replaced with a gate and combination lock).
I plan to go there tomorrow so I will confirm on my return tomorrow evening.
Hi mick I may have been at the wrong place, but there was MVAS sign there. It looked like it had fallen off the board. Followed the directions from our waters book. Also what is the north bank, unless you carry compass you can't tell. I also had a look upstream of the bridge, which i believe belongs to Edenbridge fishing club. it looked pretty good with some nice pools especially just over the bridge. I would be pleased to help Martin Cook although i'm seventy this month and disabled I can still pull my weight.

Regards Terry Martin.
Hi Terry, apologies for doubting your navigational skills, you were in the right place as the land owner has changed the stile for a gate in the last couple of days. (I did approach him about 6 months ago about the stile). We have permission to put one of our combination locks on the gate which we will do in due course. We will also ask about removing the barbed wire fence which isn't easy to negotiate. Maybe even put another small gate in the barbed wire fence.
There are fishable pegs along this stretch but some further work needs doing and access is never going to be easy due to the nature of the venue. I had a nice day today and will put a post on the River Eden tab later.

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