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New Forum Member
Hi Everyone,
Been a member of MVAS for a number of years and decided it was about time to make use of the forum!  I am mainly into perch and pike fishing but this year I want to do more chub and tench fishing. Any information on the better venues for these, best rigs etc will be most welcome.
Many thanks.
Hi Phil and welcome to the forum. If you're on Facebook you will receive 10 x the response but we realise it's not for everyone.

Onto your fish targets:
For Chub, if you don't mind travelling a little further (which you shouldn't do with current restrictions) then the stretch of the River Eden at Penshurst is a great place to go with a loaf of bread, adopting a roving approach. The Medway Barming and Teston are also good venues, just look for features and fish close to them with maggots, Meat or bread.
By far our best Tench water is Hothfield lake. Feeder tactics to far bank seem to produce them in numbers on the right day but also on float tactics close in.
We are currently working on a plan to reintroduce Tincas into Mote Park. This is being done in conjunction with lily planting. There are also a number in Weirton Res and on the River Beult at Hunton.

Hi Mick,
Thanks for your reply. I was going to give Teston a try for Chub as I've caught some there before when Perch fishing. Will also give Hothfield a go for the Tench - I had heard there were good Tench there but whenever I fished for Pike there with other anglers present, I was told it was slow for Tincas - but will give it a go. The Eden at Penshurst can wait 'till after the lockdown. Teston, Wierton and Beult are local to me so I'm fortunate to have a few choices.
Thanks again.

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